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LidarLite range finder basics.

Last week I got me LidarLite range finder. It seemed like a cool toy to play around with and with 100Hz max acquisition rate, I thought of a few projects it would work for. Hardware Setup: LidarLite is controlled over I2C protocol, so to run this thing we...
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BealgeBone temperature logger part 2 – web UI

In my previous post I described how to interface the LM74 SPI temperature sensor to the Beagle Bone and read temperature values at a pre-defined interval. The next step is to present this data in a nice clean fashion. One of the coolest Python packages that I’ve seen...
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Simple BealgeBone temperature logger

I’ve decided to make a very simple temperature logger using the BeagleBone black and a readily available and Texas Instrument’s LM74 temperature sensor. The sensor is not the most precise one out there but it is easy to interface to and costs under $2. LM74 communicates over SPI,...
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